Tips for a successful Ascend

Ascending can be a very confusing feature for most people. It's not a feature you're going to find in other games. This feature makes Ascend uniqie but it can be quite a scary feature.


When to Ascend

Ascending should be done every 5 levels starting at level 5. This allows you to obtain the most emblems possible in a given time. Emblems are small, permanent buffs that stick with you for the rest of your game. To see all of the emblems you can aquire go look at the emblems section in the items page.


A problem some people have is they can't finish the tutorial before reaching level 6 which messes them up later on. In order to prevent this simply ignore enemies you don't need to kill during the tutorial.


Before Ascending

So you've reached your level of Ascension? Well in order to use Ascension to your best advantage you're going to want to do a few things first.


Getting a weapon that is good for your current level will help a lot. When you Ascend you can keep that weapon for use after Ascension. Because Ascending delevels levels you, you would be using a much better weapon than your post-Ascend level would be using otherwise. This means you'd be slaying enemies with ease.


A good thing to do is dash through a dungeon so you can find an onyx chest and get a free purple quality item. Purple quality items tend to be higher than your current level and that means it'll be that much more deadly on your post-Ascend version.



Now it's time to Ascend. Go to the crusade tab in the menu and press A to begin your Ascension. You'll be warped to a spirit realm. Here you have 3 steps.


Step 1 is to decide what items to keep. No matter what your equipped items will be used by your Caos in the crusade so don't be afraid to bind your Caos' gear for your personal use too. You can keep one item for free and an additional free item every Transcension. It costs souls to unlock extra legacy items, starting at 1k and doubling from then if you're low level, and starting at 2k if you're a higher level.


Step 2 is to pick your new New God. (Hehe) Depending on who is winning the crusade and who is losing it you'll recieve different rewards for picking certain Gods. You can stay loyal to your previous God or betray them, it doesn't matter. Keep in mind when you switch Gods all of your previously owned altars and shrines will now be enemy owned. You can pick another God without worrying about losing your spells also, you always keep your spells ever Ascension no matter what.


Step 3, recreate your character! You can remake your character all over again with your newly aquired souls. It's always nice to get creative but remember this can be a pointless way to blow souls.


Now you've Ascended! Your previous warrior has joined the crusade for his God and you're off on your own adventures. Don't forget to Ascend again in 5 levels!